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Because I hate censorship and I am lazy.

January 18, 2012

Today is January 18, and many important sites on the web are currently in some form of blackout as a protest against two bills coming up in the US that could affect the way we all handle our business on the Internet. However I am lazy, and not actually popular by anyone, so nothing fancy going on here. However Google does have a good take action page I would like to link up to.

It’s unfortunate, but our government is using that classic post 9/11 tactic of fear over the unknown to deny rights, and make a hefty profit, that we are even dealing with this. I would say that I am surprised by this, but truthfully I’m not. So flease click the link above, sign the petition, write your “representatives” in D.C. living off our misfortune, and pass the news along to anyone you can.


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