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LIRC, Antec, and XBMC.

June 13, 2011

It has been a while since I posted anything on this subject. Mainly for one reason, it’s been working flawlessly for months now.

I have done some updates to Lubuntu and kept things fresh. So no recent re-installs or breaks. Following this post I have simply made sure that these entries remained in the remote mappings. I actually keep a secondary copy so if there is any trouble after an upgrade I can just replace it and get things back up again.

Sadly enough, the system I keep XBMC has been growing weary. After my most recent move the video card gave up. And I have since tried three more, each of them acting up within the system. So I have a feeling that I am looking at a board issue. Right now I just hope it will last out the year until I can replace it come tax return time. Until then I have moved it into the office and use tools such as my laptops or our XBox and UPnP to connect and watch media.

Not perfect by a long shot, the XBox is pretty crappy as far the media grabs go, sometimes giving terrible results over our WiFi network. I am planning on cutting some new cable to get a dedicated switch by my television to help with that.

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