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January 22, 2011


One thing that I always find interesting is how different the world looks from a motorcycle. In a car, you are really no more than an observer. The windshield sometimes acts like a TV, filtering the world and making it fit neatly into set dimensions.

See last night I rode into two states just to go to the bank! OK, so it sounds a lot more interesting than it really is, the actual trip is about 40 miles each way. So last night I aired up the tires on the Honda and took off after work. So I started the ride chasing the sunset.

Out through Saint George down through the Virgin River Gorge. And this is where the thought comes from. The picture above is from one of our earlier trips though the area. And it does the trip no justice. There I was last night, chilled and riding the highway through the Gorge. This was the first time I have ridden the Goldwing out through there. And while I figure if I took the trip a couple of times, it would get mundane pretty easily, that first trip was spectacular. The mountain looming overhead. I was part of it, I was not just an observer in a container.

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