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Weekend happenings

December 11, 2010

As Saturday comes to a close, I figure I should catch everyone up on the happenings over the last few days here.

I mentioned last post that we have pulled up our roots and moved back up to Southern Utah. So far it’s been a month since we left, and I am liking it up here. This part of the state is not quite as pious as it was up north. Interestingly enough there is a good mix of folks. While not as religious, I have to say it is very relaxed as far as the vibe I get from the people I have crossed paths with so far.

Today I decided to fiddle around on the motorcycle some. While there is a lot I would like to do, all that costs money. So to stay in the cheap seats I just did a quick handle bar change. I had a set of drag bars for the Chopper project. But since it is still stalled, I thought I would go ahead and commandeer them.

So here is how it started out today.


And after.


The hardware now looks giant on it, so if I like it, I will probably start saving up for replacement controls.

On the tech front, I decided to try and sign up for the Chromium pilot laptop from Google. I have no idea if I will get picked or not. But what’s the worst that can happen? Plus I am curious to see what the OS is like.

If you’re interested, you can sign up for it here.

And I thought I would give you something else to click on.

So here’s a little Dale Watson for you all.

  1. Grummash permalink


    Jeez – I turn my back for five minutes and you completely change everything!…
    I hope your latest move went ok – you don’t seem to feel settled anywhere at the moment.

    The Fiat is looking and sounding sweet – when that project is finished, you could bring it to the UK and name your price.

    And the ‘Wing – those new bars are excellent. It’s not my call, obviously, but I see the direction for the bike being an end result where you think at first it is a stock restoration. Then you see the bars are different…and maybe the stitching on the seat is new…and the carbs have a slightly different intake…and the filler cap is a custom piece…

    Anyway – I’ll stop interfering…I hope things are good for you and T and the little dudes. And major respect on your school results…


    • cshroom permalink

      Hey Grummash!

      How in the world have you been? Hope life is treating you well.

      The move went great. Getting settled in and making the house feel like a home. I am trying to keep the blog going, of course some days are better than others.

      Good to know you are still living the digital life.

      I have gone back and forth on the bike. If I change it too much it means I will have to tear it apart and won’t be able to ride. But considering the chop is still in a buncha pieces, I have been seriously tempted. I am thinking about trying out a new seat since the one I have is more suited for a tourer. It is fun to play with. And you know me, I can’t leave well enough alone. 🙂

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