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Well it’s about friggin’ time!

August 7, 2010

I think I may finally have a running motorcycle again.

Over the last year I have had this Goldwing I have tweaked it plenty. Tried to do a lot of stuff on the cheap. Sadly enough it wouldn’t let me.

So a couple of weeks ago, T finally told me to buy the right parts and get it right. Now mind you, she never pressured me to do otherwise. I just thought I could build a better mouse trap. And I have fought that mouse trap over and over again.

So armed with Randakk’s kit and a post from Naked Goldwings ( ) I finally did the carbs the right way. Or at least as right as I could. There is a lot of messed things about those carbs. However, nothing in them was so bad it was a total no-go.

A couple of tips I have learned.

1. Compressed air is your friend. It will blow out every single passage you have and help you find the blockage in the carbs.

2. Take your time. Otherwise you miss steps and have to go back again. And all that time you saved by rushing is thrown right out the window.

3. The float bowl screws strip easily on these things, but an 8/32 machine bolt will work out perfect. You have two choices here. Either force it in carefully, and it will make its own threads, or be paranoid and spend a few bucks for a tap. I bought the tap set. I got it at Home Depot in a kit for $25 bucks. I did that for one good reason. I figured that by tapping the holes, I could be positive they would go in right. Because one slip up forcing those new bolts in would screw up all that work. And $25 is a small price to know it won’t be messed up.

And as Randakk has said on his own site. Everything effects everything! And it really does. I put the carbs on the other night and it ran hands down better than it ever has, but I couldn’t get the idle right. So I went back through every change I had made to the bike to get the bigger carbs to work. I set everything to stock, and guess what? Yeah it worked.

So I have taken the Goldwing out a couple of times so far in the last two days. It still needs fine tuning, but it idles mostly right, it runs great, and I don’t feel afraid of it taking a dump on me with a kid on the back.

Best $130 dollars I have spent so far on this bike.

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