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Step by step, inch by inch…

August 4, 2010

We are both sore and stiff today. But we got the motor in!

So not much to tell here that others have not already done before us, so this is a brief post.

Yesterday we got everything set up. Tools hauled to the car, motor was cleaned up a bit and dusted off. Then we spent a bit of time going over the motor and making sure no major parts were missing. Things like that plug on the passenger side water passage. That would have been embarrassing to find out about while filling the radiator… 😳

So we decided to install the transmission and then drop the motor down and put them together. Good plan right? Well we weren’t so sure, but it was the way we decided to go about it.

so here is what the engine bay looked like at the beginning of the day.

Transmission in.

Now the car sits in the back of our yard which is all dirt. So cherry picker sinks in stead of rolls. So we thought that instead of hoisting the motor and taking it to the car. We would bring the car to the motor. So first step is to line everything up.

Then the clutch needs to be installed along with the flywheel.

Now we didn’t have a nifty tool to get everything lined up, so we improvised!

I had cut a tire iron earlier to use as a drift to try and punch out the pilot bearing(that was a total fail). But it fits the center of the pilot bearing opening perfectly. Then I went looking for something that would act like a bushing for the plate. We found a socket the both fit the bar stock perfectly and left almost no slop on the plate itself. Yay!

So let’s get them together, just like Fiat intended.



Cuss, swear. Raise the motor, lower the transmission. Lower the motor, raise the transmission. Cuss, swear. Bust knuckles, Cuss and swear. Can you see a theme here?

But after doing all of the above, we ended up with this!

Now, we are getting the wiring sorted. We got the car with pretty much everything out of the compartment. So on top of use using an earlier block with the alternator on the other side, we have to figure out where everything belonged before so we can plug it back in correctly.

And on top of that I found some melted wires. It is a connector with a gray wire w/ a black stripe, that then is joined at another connector to what looks to be a pink wire. Then it appears to go into the dash cluster.

Anyway, nothing exciting today, but it is getting closer and closer. We can’t wait to get it started up! Maybe I will see how good that HD video camera on my iPhone works.


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