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A nice healthy glow (Or how a welder’s tan really is not so much fun)

July 12, 2010

So yesterday I spent some time on the floors of the Fiat. We had found the holes in the floors a couple of weeks ago and figured that it was a good idea to work on the unwelcome ventilation.

I am not much of a welder anymore. And even when I did it for a living, I can’t say that I was too great of a welder even then. But I almost always could get the job done.

Well the Fiat is a bit tried for space. As in there isn’t any. So when I got the new panels cut, there was now easy way to in there with a hood on to weld it up.

So I had to go at the patch panels blind. So for 6 hours, I would zap then grind. And then I would hunt for holes, zap and grind some more. Over and over and over again. but I got it all done.

I am beet red, and my cheeks feel like I just had a facelift, without looking any younger. Or at least I don’t get the permanently surprised look and lighter wallet.

So a few things of note.

I really need to buy a tank and get changed over to a gas system. Fluxcore sucks for sheetmetal work. Though it can be done if you are careful.

If I continue to do things like floorboards and patch panels, I may really need to consider getting an auto-darkening helmet. First because I can’t get into some tight areas, see and flip the lid without screwing up my positioning.

If I don’t do either of the above, wear sunscreen.


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