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Lirc settings for XBMC

May 31, 2010

As I mentioned the other day, the RM100 “just works” out of the box. The bad thing is that XBMC doesn’t add the RM100 codes out of the box.

Since the RM100 has a couple of keys that are completely unique to itself I have added them here. Hopefully they help someone out.

This snippet is what I added to /usr/share/xbmc/system/Lircmap.xml

WordPress keeps yanking the “greater than, lesser-than” opening and closing parts of the xml (sigh…) of my code here, so I pulled them and if you decide you want to use this stuff, just add them back.

remote device = "Antec_Veris_RM100"
up KEY_UP /up
down KEY_DOWN /down
left KEY_LEFT /left
right KEY_RIGHT /right
menu RightMenu /menu
skipplus KEY_FASTFORWARD /skipplus
skipminus KEY_REWIND /skipminus
pause KEY_PLAY /pause

You may decide to tweak it a bit to fit you needs but it should give a good base to start from.


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