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Korea’s not all K-Pop.

May 25, 2010

A few weeks ago I found a band from Korea called Sorea. They really peaked my interest in the hope that there was more to modern Korean music than K-pop and old standards. And it looks kinda bleak. But there are a few people breaking rules there.

So let’s start with some punk stuff.

No Brain. These guys sound like they took a page out of All’s songbook, but definitely fun to listen to .

Crying Nut are definitely on the other end of the spectrum. Loud and obnoxious in ways that I really can’t put them all together. Bad singing? Check. Juvenile videos? Double-check. I don’t under anything but hello in this song, but I am guessing that they write like 12 year olds. All in all, I like it!

Oathean just takes you into the pits of the 1990’s. Screaming black metal. I have no idea what he sings here either. But even if I understood Korean I have feeling I would have troubles. No matter how you look at this one, they are on the fringe of music.

While I find it sad that there isn’t a larger array of music, I am glad that Korea is not entirely electronic K-pop.


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