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Music day. Musty and moldy, listening to oldies.

May 18, 2010

As anyone that has come here more than once can see, I am a big music fan. Mostly I put up newish bands or very eclectic items from here and there. But we all start somewhere. And here is a brief look at some of the stuff that you would actually hear on a radio that I grew up with.

My mom, thinks the best American music in the whole wide world is Elvis. That and Korean christian music. (don’t ask). My dad used to listen to lots of Motown. Considering he is who he is, it is rather an insane thought. I had uncles that were into 80’s metal and aunts into the New Wave scene when I little.

Funny how that invades your tastes for years to come. But when I moved to California, there was only one station I could get reliably and it was an oldies station. Now oldies back in the 80’s and early 90’s was very different from what the format is like today. So I wanted to go on a quick musical trip down memory lane.

Let’s start with the song that got me thinking about this.

The Battle of New Orleans by Johnny Horton.

Not exactly what many consider oldies, but hey I still think the song is pretty damned kick ass.

And who can deny a little Johnny Rivers? Secret Agent Man.

What a fun song to listen to. And that riff. Damn it just a classic. You hear that opening line and you know what’s coming.

Now I need to wander in a different direction here. A little sugar from the Lovin’ Spoonful.

And then some Blind Faith.

I won’t lie, I really don’t like Blind Faith’s version of this song. Years ago I heard a version done by a singer by the name of Ellen McIlwaine that just blew me away. And after that I really couldn’t listen to this song the same way again. If you get the spare change, do yourself a favor and hunt her stuff out

Here is a snippet on iLike

I am going to leave this on a bit of a low note though. Gordon Lightfoot.

A thoroughly haunting song and story.

As I said before, I am musically promiscuous. And I think that sometimes we need to venture out of what we are conditioned to. It keeps music interesting, it keeps us interesting.


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