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Writing. Or how the best ideas are wasted on me.

May 17, 2010

I am told every now and then that I should write more often. That once in a while I can actually be considered entertaining. It sounds great, but there is just one problem.

What do I write about?

How does a basement dweller find inspiration? I mean really, how do they?

Of course I have things I do. And there are things I enjoy. But how do you go about adding those things together to create something worth reading?

There was a time where the internet was used to keep the walls from closing in. But nowadays, the internet is not nearly as useful. I mean I got things to do man.

Maybe it is time to really start looking at what I do over the course of a day and actually spend some real time on doing something with this space. But what exactly that is, I’m not sure.


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