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Coming together – Fiat

May 16, 2010

And we’re back!

We ( we means T) have been busy with the Fiat, but so much was little detail items that it wasn’t really deemed worthy of adding to this.

So as everyone can tell, the decision was get a running motor then worry about the rest. I know some people love to go cosmetic first, but we felt that if there was no go, what was the point of doing the show?

So we left off with a bare block and some polishing work being done. Still had some seals to replace, but nothing major.

Last seals that needed a replacement were the stem seals. And they needed it. When we got everything apart the seals just disintegrated. Then I started putting the head together…


Have I mentioned that once in a while I am a ham-fisted SOB? I am. In the process of removing the intakes, I bent them. So we had to get new intake valves. And those valves had to get cut to get a proper valve adjustment…. No tools for that work. So me and T got to meet Mark a couple weeks ago. And we dropped off the head and he got it back to use looking better than we could imagine.

However, while we were waiting on the funds to pay for that, T got working on other things.

See she was filling a box of finished parts.


And she even went so far as to detail the smog pump.


Once she ran out of engine things to do, we got a cracking on the top.


Now the steering wheel had an old leather wrap on it, so we pulled that off ( and by pulling off I mean snap of sections of it.) and found that the wheel is in remarkable shape. Probably going to just refinish it to match whatever wood color she goes with.


So once we got the top material off, it was decided that the hardware was looking pretty grungy. So off it all went.


Plus the center bow was bent, and it needed to be straightened.

Well now that it was off, T figured that she wasn’t putting a new top on rusty hardware. So out came the sandpaper, dremel, angle grinder, shovels, rakes, and implements of destruction. And it got a red oxide bath.



And just to prove that it is truly T doing most of this work…


So now the top is painted and waiting to go back on. No reason to put an interior in, until we get the top together. And interior is probably going to be the last part of all this anyway.

No we get up to this weekend. Mark had gotten in touch with us last Saturday, but we couldn’t get out until the 8th. I drove out on my way to L.A. to visit family and picked up the head. Gabbed with Mark a while and got to see an 850 project he has over there. Got me to thinking about getting a little 850 for myself. But first things first. we have a Spider, a Truck, and two motorcycles needing attention. And we are fast running out of places to keep it all.

Here is the head now that it has had a week hanging out with Mark.


All refreshed and ready to get to work. Allison’s Automotive, the premiere day spa for overworked Spiders.

Now I was told Saturday that Mother’s Day was Fiat day. And T meant it too. First thing A.M. (after the customary Mother’s Day breakfast was finished) the tools came out. And we got to see the best part of all the labor. Parts going back on!





Do you think George Lucas got the idea of the scene for the Death Star looking down a Fiat head?


And here is where she was by dinner time.



Still got plenty to do, but if things go well, we are hoping to get it fired very soon.

We ordered a rebuild kit for the carb yesterday, and have to make some calls to see who has the best price on a Clutch. Figure if its apart it isn’t a bad idea to replace it. Got some smog stuff on since these pics, but the progress has been so small it hasn’t been worth documenting here.


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