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Some Humans Ain’t Human.

April 27, 2010

Some times you gotta wonder why some people are made the way they are. I know there are all the psychological explanations on why people can generally be shitty. But really it is a pretty fuckin’ weak explanation.

So had a great weekend up in the mountains. Man I dig being sorta away from So. Cal suburbs. Can’t stand it down here. Too hot, too smoggy, too busy, too damned close to folks I really don’t fucking like.

Anyhow, got back in to a stack of assorted bills and shit. Yay?… And in yesterday’s mail I get something from Social Services. I guess my ex-wife feels that 7 years of my life and all the grief that came along with it wasn’t enough. She is trying to sue me for back child support. That. I. Already. Paid…

Hrmm, guess she needs money or some shit. But instead of doing what honest folk do when they are broke, you know shit like get a job. She felt she would attempt to get another pound of flesh out of my ass.

It gets better. The time period she is trying to get me for is about four years ago. Well tell me, how many people keep checks and shit from that far back? Not many I bet. Well this is one of those times I think technology kicks ass. And kicks ass so much that I am overjoyed it exists.

My bank keeps old checks in their databases. So I can go back into that time period and pull up old scans of those checks. That’s right, checks from four years ago. Internet banking kicks ass!

Still sucks ass that I even have to deal with this shit, but at least I know I got records to prove my honesty. I fully expect the state to fuck me over in some way shape or form. It wouldn’t be California if they didn’t. However, even if I gotta lawyer-up, I will be proven right in the end.

So that leads me to my song selection of the day. Enjoy, and remember some folks just ain’t no good. And no matter what, don’t think they will ever change. Rat’s only get older and fatter. And weasels only get meaner. And a pile of shit may lose some of it’s stink, it will always be shit.

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