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April 2, 2010

I gotta apologize for the bitch post. Never did like whiny blogs. But once in a while a day turn into a turd fest and you finally sick of dodging them all.

But let’s see if we can get sorta on track.

I did get that manifold on the goldwing. It is far from pretty, but it works like it should. But it is running very rich. As in black smoke rich. I have never had to tweak a Weber before so I am a bit outta sorts here. I picked up a couple of jets that I thought would give me a bit of room to experiment with. No luck, all it did was smoke in black and run shitty.

So doing some further googling I find more information about what each jet does, sorta.

Really there is not truly definitive Tech knowledge on these things. Some people know some stuff, but there is not a single source I can find to get definitive information.

I really hate seeing. If it idles rich, you need to change your jet….

No fucking shit? I never would have guessed, So which jet, when, how much?

So I have ordered a Weber book that I hope will help. There were only a couple of reviews on Amazon, but the one that cinched it was.

This book reads like a Technical manual, and it is no help if all you want to do is rebuild a Weber…


Look, take screw out, don’t fucking loose it. Put it back together in the opposite order you took it apart.

I got that down. Now tell me what the idle jets, main jet and air correction jets do. And what the difference is in the emulsifier tubes. I need the tech. I don’t need to be told how to take the top off, I got that part. it was obvious how that worked. I need to know what circuit is in use when and for how long. How does each component operate? I need a damn tech manual.


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