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Well, who woulda thunk it?

March 10, 2010

Last night I went to Harbor Freight ( I know, foreign junk blah blah) and picked up a few consumables I have needed.

While I was running around I decided to get a new stinger and ground clamp for the arc welder since the ones on this one were showing their age.

Well needless to say there was a gigantic difference in the weld control and quality. I knew that my electrodes would be held in better and i would get a better ground. I just had no idea just how bad it was until I had all new pieces.

The welds still look like an amateur did them ( which I am ), but the puddle is much easier to control and striking the arc is much easier too.

So if your stuff is looking a bit worn, it probably is a good idea to just go ahead and change those pieces out. In the big picture, they are cheap. At least cheaper than buying a new welder. And it really does make welding more enjoyable.


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