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March 9, 2010

My welding sucks!

When I was about 17, I went to Job Corps to get some sort of education and training to help in the real world. The stuff I enjoyed the most was welding. Honestly it is good stuff. I still enjoy it to this day. But during the 90’s the economy took a dive and I was stuck doing jobs for shops where I was the only one that spoke English and was pretty well left to my own devices. So I gave up welding to do other things that paid me better.

Over the years I will grab a welder to put shit together for one project or another, but no real time on a torch.

A while back I was given an old AC LincArc welder. It is a decent old buzz box, and with a bit of clean up has been working flawlessly for me.

But as anyone that has done any real welding knows, arc welding is a hell of a tough skill to master. You have to know which rod to use, what voltage to use and the right technique to use in a particular situation. Gas welding has similar complications, but you don’t have quite the same amount of variables to fiddle with.

Well, as I work on projects I am reminded that I am not much of a welder any longer, and that this old buzz box has some serious limitations.

It will be more than worth the effort to get good at this thing, but I have a hell of a learning curve to get around.


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