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I really should post more often. The week in review.

February 27, 2010

No pics right now. But it’s been a busy week.

So here is the run down on the toys.

Truck –

Ain’t done shit. That’s right, the fucker is just being used as a hillbilly shed.

Fiat –

Just got back from a run to Vegas. I picked up a motor from a guy up there for 4 bills. He was able to sorta fire it up (Starter fluid in the carb), and it came witha transmission. Plus it was an ex-california car. That means all the emissions shit was still there. w00t!

If things are quiet this week I will try and do post on the trip and get a few shots of the motor up.


I got pics. No you can’t see. not yet at least.

T’s Fiat, had a spare Weber 32ADHA carb in the trunk. Guess where that is going? Yep, on the Goldwing. I am fabbing up the manifold still, so I don’t want to get it up until I am closer to complete. That will be a post in itself. Have to fit it, weld it, then test it some. After I see if it will run, I still have to build linkage for the throttle and choke. So there is quite a bit to do before it is worthy of a write up.

Anyway, that about covers what is happening there. School is still kicking my ass. I am beat, and the road food hates me. So it must have been a good trip.


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