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Back again.

February 17, 2010

After a few weeks of crappy weather, it has finally warmed up enough to actually work on stuff again.

In the mean time, we added another poor neglected car to the stable. This is T’s new toy. A ’77 Fiat 124 Spider.


A proper little Italian roadster. I have always thoughts these little Fiats were pretty snazzy. Decent looking, more seating area than a Triumph or MG, and cheaper to buy than their British counterparts.

Sadly enough, we have some engine work ahead of us.


It was dismantled when we got it. So we have some stuff ahead of us. But the body is solid and clean. Truth be told, the motor looks like it may be in good shape. And really motors can be replaced. But that demon rust had a bad habit of snacking on Fiats and shitting out oxide. Other than one thin spot under the throttle the floors and underbody are solid.

And the car came with parts. Including an extra 32ADFA carb. Which (just barely) fits in the Goldwing!



You can guess what my next little project is gonna be.

I have no idea if it will work, but at the price of free for the carb, it can’t hurt.

More pics will be coming soon!


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