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Updates? Not likely.

January 23, 2010

Ahh rain. Days and days of rain.

No garage, and everything being waterlogged out here in California means that I have not done any work on any of my stuff.

But new updates.


Y-block is done for. Low compressions, lower oil pressure. She is done for. So now I am looking at a motor change. We have a Ford 400 with a C6 that has been sitting around. But I need to get a proper stand built for it so I can begin to test it out and get it in running shape. The actual motor switch concerns me a lot less than getting the motor back to life after it’s multi-year rest. Why do I keep working on stuff that has sat in sheds and backyards for a decade or more? I think I am a masochist or something.

Goldwing. One word. Rain.

Junk yard trips are planned for the near future here, but not this weekend.

Here is some Pete Bernhard for you to get through the weekend with.

And some Devil Makes Three


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