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Wiper blades?

December 30, 2009

Not sure how many people this may actually affect, but here is something interesting I have found out.

57-60 Ford F100’s apparently use something smaller than a 12″ wiper blade. At least mine appears to. I replaced the blade assembly, which means the rubber blade and the actual blade assembly, minus the arm. The ones that were on before were crappy plastic ones, and there is a set of what appears to be original ones in the glove box of the truck, but one is missing some important mounting pieces. So off to Kragen’s (though about any auto parts place will work). Now it appears that a 12″ blade is the smallest standard blade you can buy easily. So I bought them. It was raining and the wiper blades I had were about 11 years old or so. So can you say “non-existent?”

Yay, windows were miraculously clear of rain, except for a 1″ spot at the top of the driver’s side and a 2-3″ section at the top of the passenger. Argh! They were riding up on the rubber windshield gasket and weren’t able to contact the glass itself. Today it decided it wanted to piss rain again, so I went out to take a look at my assembly to see if I could shorten them somewhat to make it a bit less distracting. And I am guessing that ramping up like that was not going to help them live longer.

These are generic Anco wiper arms. Nothing special past that point, but once I pulled the arm off, I found something very interesting. One end of the blade sticks out a bit further than the other. Hrmmm. So I pulled the blade out of the assembly and flipped it around. Nearly a half inch difference and the blade was only slightly climbing up the rubber. So I did the same to the driver’s side and noticed that while I had it apart, the metal support that secures the wiper blade itself could be pulled off and moved….

Can you see where I am going with this?

I popped the metal support off the blade and shifted it more in the shorter direction. Then I re-installed. I proceeded to do the same thing on the passenger side also. When I tested it out, the passenger blade just missed the rubber gasket and the driver’s side blade had about 18″ of clearance (Clarence). Success! And it took all of about 5 minutes and I didn’t have to cut anything up! Though I kinda like cutting up stuff, so that may not be quite a good thing…

Anyway, cheap easily located part that with a minor adjustment was made to work with my increasingly rare Truck. ‘Bout friggin’ time.


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