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Pictures won’t do it justice. (Or how I am too lazy to drag out my camera)

December 30, 2009

No updates recently but that doesn’t mean I am asleep at the wheel. Of course the holidays came crashing in and that means there was very limited time for updating. But I have been working on the Goldwing and the Ford when the time is available to me. So here is a brief rundown.


– I pulled the carbs (again) This time they are working much better. I also have gotten the idle down to right at 1k/RPM.

– I have a weak coil. I can disable the points to one coil with barely a change in the idle. So I will have to replace the coils soon to fix it. I think once I have done that my running issues will pretty well be gone.

But the Goldwing has been running relatively good, and I have cobbled up a headlight ring out of some sheetmetal to get me by. I am currently crafting a better version of it but haven’t finished it yet. I will take some pics when I get off my lazy ass.

– Starting fitting a front bumper to the truck. I was originally planning on cutting the frame off and smoothing the front. But from a profile, it just looked plain silly. But the one that was on it was way too wide and poorly mounted. I had originally thought about adding an earlier model bumper to the truck, but I will need some extra cash to make that happen.

My first task was to shorten the frame horns. I took 1 1/2″ off the ends to clean it up and to also suck the bumper in a bit closer to the body of the truck. Relatively easy and a cut off wheel makes quick work of it.

Next I took the old bumper and made a few measurements, it was a few inches too wide ( 6 inches ) and needed to be sectioned to fit better. So I looped three inches off the bumper from each side inboard of the mounting holes. Unfortunately they are still too wide for me, so I will be filling those in. And lastly the bumper is designed with a tilt. Now, the ultimate goal is to put a flat faced Ford truck bumper on here, so I refused to cut the frame at an angle. So what I have left to do is to fill all the mounting holes and create a hidden bracket in the back of the bumper. This will do two things for me. First it will hide all the mounting hardware, so while not pretty, per say, it will have a slightly more finished look. Second, I will be able to make the mount at the needed angle to fit properly on the truck.

Again, I will try and get off my ass and take a few pictures of what I have been doing.


I got tools!!!!

T got me a set of Crapsman tools. Talk about a great gift. I have been using a cobbled together set for about the last five years now and boy does it show its failings on a regular basis. So she picked up a 154pc set in the plastic case. I know, it ain’t Snap-on or Mac, but for me Craftsman is the best choice. Why? I work on computers now. I don’t have any friends that are mechanics or work somewhere I have access to either of those trucks. There are three Sears’ withing a half hour drive from me. And they are not the shitty Chinese tools I currently have. So availability, cost and convenience makes these the perfect choice.

And it sooo fuckin’ kicks ass to have a set of tools that…

A. Are made right

B. Work

C. Are complete.

I am so gonna wear these fuckers out.


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