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Quick tip for bringing an old rice burner back to life.

December 7, 2009

So while I haven’t posted too much on the gold wing I just bought, there is one tip I have for anyone trying to bring a 30 year old Japanese motorcycle back to life.

Buy new plugs and resistor boots. Trust me here. I chased a miss for a while that I couldn’t really figure out what the source of it was. While the plugs were worn, they weren’t toast. And the boots were old, but looked good. Well it turns out that the inside was carboned up and was arcing around. The night time was where I could see it, but it wasn’t a bright visible arc. Also I pulled the rubber off and it made it possible to hear the arc.

So yesterday I drove up to a motorcycle shop and picked up four new resistor boots and four new plugs. Day and night difference. And it cost me all of $25. I still have some synchronizing work to do, but now the damn thing is no longer stumbling like it was before. So that means I may be able to get an accurate adjustment done.

I have dicked with it for the last three weeks getting it better, but not right. Small price to pay to avoid something stupid.


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