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The week in review.

November 28, 2009

The holidays have kept me moving for the last few days, so nothing too great to announce.

But let’s go through the highlights.

My XBMC box died… It’s a sad day for me. I have gotten the occasional heat warning from my system that I have passed off as a bad fan, the dust in the house, lack of good AC, etc. Well earlier this week the heat warnings turned into the system no longer being willing to continue to run. That means that all my music, movies, TV programs and school work are now currently trapped on my harddrives. Shit, gotta buy a new box. I have some spare stuff hanging out right now, but none of it was as fast as the system that died. So I will be building something that will get me through the holidays out of spare parts.

A nail came and bit my rear tire on the Goldwing. So another c note down the drain. Again, gotta wait til Christmas is done before I can do anything about it. Double damn

Homework sucks. Why did I decide to back to school? Triple damn.

Good news? Why yes there is.

The laptop drive I thought I had hosed is working now. I ❤ Linux. I don't know why, but when I initially changed out the drive, something happened and the entire partition died. Nothing could read my drive any more. So I was stuck. Well, I dug the drive out and did some more work today. This time I grabbed a copy of knoppix and fired that up. I then used parted to re-lable the drive and set up a generic EXT3 file system. Since this is a family lappy, I am using XP on it. So I reboot with the XP disk and the drive is showing up beautifully and is currently doing an NTFS format. (Full format) So far so good.

I chased a couple of oil leaks down in the truck and it has been running great. Plus I got my Sun tach installed and my gas guage adjusted properly. w00t!

And it is Thanksgiving weekend. I am on day number three and still have a day left before I go back to work. Double w00t!

That's all for now. And just because I want to, I am going to leave you all with some kick ass music. The John Butler Trio.

Zebra-Official version

Zebra – Live(I like this version a bit more)

Used to get high for a living

One Way Road –

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