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On to the couch.

November 18, 2009

So in a recent post, I mentioned that we bought a Goldwing. Not my prime choice for motorcycles, but the old ones are pretty nifty looking. They have a look that is pretty Bavarian.

Well this one had sat around for quite a while. Now the previous owner wasn’t exactly neglectful, but it could have been better. After spending the last month or so working on this thing, getting in good enough shape to run around, I think I understand why it was put out to pasture.

The wiring had melted at the junction for the rectifier. So that meant it stopped charging. And I mean it melted it. Looked pretty damn scary to be honest. I bet that the PO thought that they were looking at dropping the motor and replacing the alternator. So he set it off to the side and forgot about it. Well that’s fixed, as well as the carbs. I still need to get a lot dialed in, but they continually get better. It is idling lower, with less bounce of the needle, which means that I am getting less chain slap in the motor too.. There is a lot still left to do, but I think the biggest change is how this bike looks with the touring garbage removed.


After some handy dandy wrench work, it shed a hundred pounds and looks a lot better.


Still playing with it, and I need to get it under the spray gun to get a new layer of black. Bye bye bad pinstripe and faded paint.


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