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Bad clutch! No blowing yourself to pieces!

November 9, 2009

So a few weeks ago, I took the truck out for a drive to go get some things out of our storage.

But to really get an idea on what happened, I need to back up just a touch.

A couple days before this, I took the truck out to help someone and it was right after I did my brakes. As I was going down the road I heard something fling and bounce. I figured that my dumb ass left a good wrench on my fender, because I wouldn’t be lucky enough that it was one of my cheap Chinese ones.

Now back to the trip to storage, I was a few miles away and I hear that same sound again, but I put it off to the crap in the bed rolling around. So I kept running,

1st gear

2nd gear!

3rd gear!!

I get up to fifty and then I hear what sounds like a bag of springs being flung under the truck. The motor is still running, but I am going slower….


Get it pulled over and I have no go. At first I thought it was the tired trans that went away, but then I decided to push the clutch in and there is the most horrific racket. Yep, there the clutch went.

So I get it home and drop the transmission and here is what was left of the clutch.

Here is the pressure plate…

Pic 1.

And Pic 2.

Now the pressure plate was pretty interesting too.

Pic 1.

Pic 2.

And if you have never seen one of this style before, here is how it should look.

Now let me give props to a great shop that helped me out a lot.

Clutch Masters

These guys were the only place that had my clutch in stock, at a damn good price, and knew what the hell they were talking about. And if you walk into the place you know these guys do one thing, and they do it well. This place is wall to wall clutch parts.

Now don’t let the web site fool you, they didn’t list my truck clutch online, but one call and I had a quoted price (after tax price too!) and they assured me it was in stock. And it really was.

But the truck is back together, shifting great, and hopefully I will be done with disasters for a while.

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