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Out of the backyard!!!

September 21, 2009

And into the driveway.

I have been busy on the truck.

Saturday I got a new clutch master cylinder put in. i had the boy out there pumping the clutch. Poor kid, I guess he wasn’t so hot on being in the old spider infested truck. But he did it with hardly a complaint for nearly 40 minutes while I bled, adjusted and bled some more. But in the end the new master cylinder works like a champ.

So yesterday I got the truck up and running and decided it was time to go and stomp it around.

Up and down the block a couple of times, until I got to the far end and the fucker choked and died. turns out the float decided it didn’t feel like closing and puked gas inside…

So I pushed it off to the side and let it rest for a while and got it started again. Then i began to take it back to the house so I could get it in the driveway and clean it up some. As I am pulling around the block and getting ready to turn onto my street, I hit the brakes and the rear locks on me! I really shouldn’t be surprised, it has sat for over ten years now. But needless to say, I over shot the intersection. I start getting it turned around and the it floods again….

This time I had drug the battery down so far that it wouldn’t hit a lick. Me and T pushed it into the driveway and I started back on it again.

Here is what I have found. The brakes are grabbing strangely. I think it is either ancient fluid, or the backing plate is badly worn. I need to bleed it out and if that doesn’t fix it, tear it apart.

The float level was high and my top gasket on the carb was loose. Both of which explains why it was dumping gas while driving.

I had an air leak coming off the tank connection, so every now and then my fuel pump would stop pulling fuel.

But things are coming together slowly. All I need to do is fix the last of this stuff and get the tags up to date and I should be up and running.


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