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Metal working or metal wrecking?

September 14, 2009

So I had to put the fender back on the truck this last weekend. While not pretty (AT. ALL.). It is a lot better than where I started.

Here is what I started with…


And here is the way it sits as of yesterday…


the first pic really doesn’t show what all was messed up with the fender. It was pulled under and had actually bashed up the cab underneath. Also the bottom bolt had torn out of the mount point. So it was held against the body using a self tapping screw. Not the best of situations.

So when I pulled the fender off, I found bunch of rust in the back of the fender. Here is what the bottom of the fender mount support looked.


Just little cancerous.

A little.

So I had to make some new pieces for this thing before I could get it back on the truck. I had some galvanized pieces that were the perfect thickness for the support. Yes I know welding galv. is a real bad idea. But I had it, and I don’t have cash for cold rolled, so I used it. Get over it.

Here are the pieces…



And a shot of my well equipped garage.


So now that I had the pieces, I needed to weld it together. As you all know, all I have is a Linc Arc here at home. So guess what I used? Let me tell you now. welding with as stick welder, not a pretty proposition. Really it looks like ass. But it did what I needed to do. And right now I am under the gun to get this back on the road. So no time to go begging around for a torch or a MIG. So now it is time to blow out some snotty welds.




Damn, not pretty.

But I got it dollied out and the blob welds were ground down. And mounted back onto the truck. So for now, this is what I got. I have every plan on finding a better replacement fender, but this will get it mobile for now and give me a chance to use the truck, while compiling parts to get it right.


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