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California Assemblyman in Bed With Lobbyists?

September 10, 2009

Literally! Bwahahahahah!!!

KCAL linkage!

Oh fuck, this is so rich. This is what people get when you elect someone on their “Values.” Stop trying to find politicians with values, you idiots! If you want values, go to a fucking store. If you want good legislature, elect someone with some fucking common sense.

The real riot is that they believe the woman he is talking about is a lobbyist for an utility company! Guess what he used to vice chair? Hahaha!!! That’s right boys and girls, you get what you pay for. And if you are an old pasty white guy and want to get laid, get elected to office as a family values man, and you will get all sorts of tail.

Sad thing is though, I doubt he is the only one. And worse yet, he was probably part of the majority of lawmakers. He was getting his rocks off and guess who gets to wipe the money shot of their faces? Fucking sad really, I hope they string him up and hang him out to dry.

And get this, now he is saying, I was just talking shit. The whole spanking the younger woman’s ass thing. I was just bullshittin’ y’all. I knew I was being recorded and thought what a fucking riot it would be to brag about mistresses. I knew that would get some *eyepatch panties* up in a bunch….



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