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Renovate, innovate.

July 19, 2009

So this move to California put us in a shared living arrangement. This means a lot of people in one tiny little house.

now this place has been in the family for over 50 years now. And is showing the signs of one family being in the same house and just living life. There have been hokey fixes and questionable improvements that have stuck around for a long time. Over the last few days we have been updating a couple of rooms. Not big HGTV renovation type projects. Instead it is the we are poor and fix what we can, stuff.

The first room was the bathroom.

Here is where we started…


That’s right, carpet. Ugh! Nasty 30 year old carpet. But there is a back story to it that made this addition not seem like such a bad idea. But this had outlived its usefulness.

So we did this…


Apologies for the crappy cell phone pic.

After pulling old carpet and tile, we coated the floor to get rid of any dips or low spots. And we wound up with…


And after the bathroom was finished, we moved on to the kitchen.


That’s right, more carpet.

But after a few days worth of work, we finished with this…


Certainly not Better Homes and Gardens worthy, it is a day and night improvement for us.

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