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Podcasts Plugin for XBMC – revised

June 30, 2009


Looks like the file was removed from uploading for some reason. Not sure if the time to live was done for, or if someone griped about my code use. I have been thinking about revising this program again, but I am not really too sharp on Python, so the results will probably be mixed. Anyway, I will try and get something new up in the future.

So I play around with XBMC here at home. One issue I have had is that there is some media I am unable to readily access. Namely podcasts or audio feeds.

there are some solutions, such as Navi-X, which work very well. In the case of Navi-X it wants me to have an account. I do use it, but I also want something I can build and maintain on my own, especially if I want a select few items to view.

This led to googling for something. I found this program called Podcasts from here. And it worked splendidly in my Windows version of XBMC. But moving it over to Linux, it crashed. So I tweaked it some and was able to get it to run on both Windows and Linux.

This is not to say that this is a well made program. It had the issue with 9.04 and Linux, and after my hackery it is probably worse. But I uploaded my tweak and if anyone is interested in using and maybe even making it work better, go for it.

Download Podcasts from

Here are the currently known bugs.

Sorting doesn’t work right. – I really don’t understand Python, so this is both me trying to get something to work for me, and a lesson in how to make things happen.
Large videos will not play correctly. – Again, I am not sure how to fix it, but if you are trying to stream a large file, it will pause and then fill the buffer. it makes for a less than pleasurable experience. I have yet to see this happen on shorter videos or on audio.

Anyhow. Suggestions, code snippets, or just go and run with it to make it better is fine by me.

  1. Moovida man permalink

    Hey thanks for this article it was very interesting, i just wanted to say that i found this software last week called Moovida.
    It like sorted all the media files out on my computer an placed them in to its data base, which is honestly very easy to use.
    An it like added additional things to my files, like for all the films i have it gave them a synopsis which was dope since i aint got a chance to watch some of them yet after getting them off a friend.

    Anyhow seems to play all file types i have even Mkv

    Just thought it was cool an worth say



  2. Hello. I work with Team Navi-X on the Navi-X Media Browser… if you are having troubles adding your links to Navi-X, just ask! You can build playlists and organize them using Navi-X and you don’t need an account to do this! The only reason to get an account is so Navi-Xtreme can host your playlists for you… you can even do this yourself and make your own custom section in Navi-X as well. If you have troubles, go to and login to chat with us in the shoutbox… someone there will answer your questions you have. You could have been adding podcasts or whatever of yours along time ago if you asked me how to do this… it’s easy! Let me know if you have any questions about Navi-X and I can answer them.


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