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Ideas for the weekend.

June 26, 2009

So I have done this two times before. But Google’s Patent search can be a lot of fun.

This time I did a search for “motorcycle front.” It gave me a list of 20 pages of issued patents. Mind you front is a very generic term, so I found patents for radio that go on the front fork, etc.

But I did find some interesting ideas.

Here is a patent for a set of forks that are internally sprung springer that is marked with the Excelsior name. It is a bit tough to explain it, but I think it would make a really neat looking springer on a chopper. link

How about a leafer? This one works a bit differently than most of the other ones I have seen before. link

OK this patent is supposedly a GM one. Thank the stars above that they didn’t go into motorcycles. This patent is for a trike, where the entire frame tilts in a turn. Just think about that, the frame(!!!) tips over when turning, but the rear wheels stay flat. It didn’t look like anything I would ride. Ever. link

How about two wheels, side by side for a front suspension. This looks like it would work, but I don’t think it would be much fun if you were going fast. Mind you this is a bicycle/motorcycle patent from best as I can tell,so I am talking about bicycle fast, not even motorcycle fast. link

So it’s Friday here, and the weekend is starting soon. This weekend I will working on the truck, and here’s hoping I actually get something accomplished.

Enjoy the weekend all, and remember, no idea is too insane to patent and try to make a buck from.


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