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2009 L.A. Roadster Show

June 21, 2009

Man I love car show. Show cars, ratty cars, bunch of mullet guys in Camaros. Really doesn’t matter to me much.

Yesterday we went first thing in the morning to the L.A. Roadster show in Pomona. It was almost too much to take in for me. Just cars and vendors and swap meet as far as the eye could see.

You can see all of my pictures (156!) here on my flickr page. but here are a couple to give you an idea on what we saw.

The sea of cars.


Ural’s are just neat. I would love to have one to take the kids to school.


Restorod Nova. T, says she really like that body style. Maybe we found the perfect car for me^H^H, I mean her to have?




T Kup


Clear over bare metal


This is supposedly a Corvette test car. The owner was looking for more information.






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One Comment
  1. Grummash permalink

    Shroom – loved the Roadster show pics. It’s been too many years since I went to a custom car show, so I hit your Flickr page and spent a pleasant quarter-hour looking at your car photos. Some lovely vintage tin there.

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