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More cars.

May 17, 2009

One of the things about being out west is how many car shows you get to go to. California really is a car capital. You have decently good weather year ’round. No snow or salt. Just a lot of sun. But sun damage is repairable, not so much with the salt.

Now this one was in a slightly nicer town than the last one. Which has certain advantages and disadvantages. More money means nicer cars and typically rarer cars. But it also means that some of the cars are typical high dollar exercises in bragging rights.

Yes I do enjoy the shiny ones just for the record. However, I keep a special place in my gearhead heart for those people that do it all themselves. I respect those people that find the best of the best to build up something, but even a slightly less than perfect car that is well loved by an owner really is where its at. But enough of that. Time for pictures.

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  1. More cars.

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