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April 26, 2009

Sometimes I actually get out of the house and go places. Most of the time, it is out to do things like get groceries, or have a dinner. But once in a while I go and do stuff like look at cars.

So last week I heard about a show from T’s brother. He was taking his car over there. It was being held by a local car dealership ( probably trying to get people to come and look at new cars while they were there).  I heard they only expected 50-75 cars, that day there were around 200. Guess people are too broke to take their cars on weekend drives now.

Anyway here are my favorites.



It has a Jeep-like body, but I think that is probably the only Jeep thing about it. This belongs to one of the local ROWG’s(rick old white guy).  So it is probably pulled behind a motorhome to Glamis, where he drinks beer and takes it to get more ice or a bag of chips. But damn it sounded great.

OK, I for one am not a huge fan of stuffing Chevy’s into Fords. But this looked like a lot of fiberglass, and probably had only enough Henry Ford DNA, to give it Ford on the title. But look at the top or this thing. I only wish I could have heard that thing pull in. Though sadly, it probably came in on a trailer.

It’s a lowered Riviera. What more needs to be said?

I have a feeling that this guy doesn’t use the car to commute to work.

This Buick was beautiful, body and interior-wise.  I came up to this car hoping to see a real piece of history. Wire wheels and classic-styled paint. Only to find what looked like an LS-1 motor… Sigh…

Packard. Now this is art.

I have always wanted one of these. Skyliner. Still was Ford powered and had plastic covered seats. The sad thing is that this car is probably looked at more than it is ever driven.

Here are a few shots I just liked.

These are some of my favorites. But I have one other car and a bit to rant about. ‘Cept I am tired of typing and linking. So instead, you can see all the pics that came out ok on my photobucket. And stay tuned for what I think was the best car in the entire show.

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  1. I am still waiting….

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