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Dolly, planishing, beating the hell out of body panels.

April 19, 2009

I just moved from a previous home where I have been trying to put together an old CB750. Well currently that project is sitting in a storage unit a few miles away. So I have entertained myself with other stuff.

That other stuff has been a ’59 F100.

It has been in a state of graceless rest for about 10 years now. Now thinking that the truck has sat for a long time, you would think it was a total disaster, but it isn’t.

I have had to do quite a bit of work to get it running again. But the plugs were relatively new as were the ignition parts. So all I had to do to get it running again was rebuild the carb, flush and clean the tank, replace the fuel pump and replace some old wiring. But as you would expect from a 50 year old vehicle, it needs some freshening up.

Also, the truck has spent many years as a worker, not a show truck. So you get that damage that comes from actually using something. Faded paint and dings and such. But it has also gotten some more unusual knocks. Here is a shot of one of the more major bits of panel beating I am having to do currently.


Now if you look at the drivers side, you can see the front fender is curled up and the lower body has been twisted up. A few years back, the PO was side swiped coming off the freeway. Well it was a newer plastic car and it can under at the fender and the proceeded to knock the truck over.

There is a certain bit of art in bodywork. Especially the type of work that requires little to no filler afterwards. But I am no artist. I am a backyard hack with some stuff that looks like body tools. I bang on the panels until they look pretty close to being right. My arms get tired and I take a break to think about my next step. Plus I am supposed to be working.

But after some beating and banging here is where I am at. Getting there, but not quite ready to be put back on.



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