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Spring is coming. I think. No maybe it left again.

April 5, 2008

Last week, the weather took a turn for the fucked up. Snow and ice. Not lots of it. But enough to make all the streets turn white and coat them in a good layer of ice.

Now since I have been an unemployed, lazy ass bastard, it meant very little to me. Except it sucks to smoke when it is snowing. Especially when your house porches are little slabs of concrete left out to weather. So when it snows, rains, gets windy, we stand on this little ugly slab out back. Or crack open the garage a bit. In the town I live at, it gets windy. That’s kind of a half truth. It gets real windy in the section of the town I live in. We are at the base of a mountain, and in a pass like area.

But last week I was in training. For my new job. JOB! And I had to actually drive to another town. And it snowed one week, and coated everything in ice, the next.

So what is it like to be back at work? Gooooood….. Man I miss working. Well at least for the next few weeks. Until I get grouchy and bored. But really I can’t complain about this gig. I am making pretty good money, I am right at home. I got some neat tools, and the work is pretty ok.

But right now I am looking in the classifieds for some cheap wheels. I really have gotten the itch to go riding lately. Especially since I can’t work on the old Honda. It’s just too damn far away. And it looks like they have all sorts of regulations in Utah. Sigh… Rules and regulations. They suck ass.

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  1. boobookitty permalink

    Good to see you’re surviving the weather out there! 😉

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