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Nah man, I ain’t quit. I just been a bit distracted.

November 6, 2007

Well, a good day/afternoon/night/3 a.m. boredom session to you great internet readers.

I have not died, quit, fallen off my tricycle, or been mauled by wild debt collectors (yet). As the title states, I have just been a touch distracted. Well perhaps that is an understatement, I have been wholly distracted and occupied by a life that has more turns than a rally race.

I know I said that I was planning on doing some machine work on the bike. It is still a plan, just hasn’t actually made it to a reality yet. I have worked pretty much every lunch break I have had since that post and I can no longer hang out late here at work. So when 5 o’clock hits I have to go and brave the freeway to get home.

In the last few months, I have gone from the single, divorced dad with weekend visits, trying to figure out what in the world I am supposed to do with my afternoons. And somewhere in the last few months have become the sappy in love, full-time dad and student that can’t figure out how to fit everything in the time I have in a day. So the bike has suffered from a serious case of neglect. If it was closer to me, I bet that I would get the evil eye every time I walked by it. But luckily enough the chop is way on the other side of town under a tarp. Hidden. That’s right, my chop is in solitary confinement. I can hear its lonesome sniffles from my seat here, nearly 60 miles away.

“Come to me and save me from a fate worse than rust. I am lonely and neglected. You promised to fix me up and take me down the freeway so we could kick the mirrors on luxury cars. Don’t you remember that? Where is the love?”

So yeah. I am a bad builder. I have left my mid-life crisis toy languishing in a backyard. I should have my perpetual teenager card revoked. And be soundly beaten with a wet noodle.

Please forgive me for my sins.

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