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It’s confirmed.

August 22, 2007

Hello, I am Shroom, and I am an addict.

So for the past two weeks I have sat on the fence about getting another bike. So I look, ogle, and drool. But not bought.

Well yesterday afternoon I get a call from a guy named Don that I met a few weeks back.He and his brothers were doing an estate sale for their mom that had passed away. I had just dropped by to see what deals could be there. That day I left with a $20 dollar TV set. But while I was there I saw this ’78 KZ1000. Well hell, you know me from this blog, I couldn’t pass up asking about it and expressing my interest.

Well it never sold during the estate sale, and the last couple of weeks he has received a few offers but nothing panned out. Last night I get a call about working out a deal. We gab a bit and I tell him that I am struggling in the cash department, otherwise I would buy it from him. So after talking a bit more, he agrees to float a check as a down payment and let me make some payments for the bike. If it didn’t sell, he was going to be stuck hauling it back to Nevada and was not too thrilled at that one.

So here is what I am getting in a few weeks.

A 1978 KZ1000 with the Kawasaki fairing, I think Vetter made these. With a set of hard saddle bags. These things are huge, but ugly as sin. No, I don’t mean ugly, I mean UGLY! They look like a pair of plastic briefcases. And not the cool ones they make now, remember this is a ’78. The motor turns, has three boxes of parts and pieces. Along with a birthcontrol helmet. If I wore it, I would never get laid again. And trust me,, I don’t get it nearly as much as I would like now.

The motor still turns, but it hasn’t been registered in about 10 years. So I figure that a carb rebuild or clean out, new battery and of course a fun trip to the DMV are gonna be in order.

Now as I was telling a friend of mine last night. I must be sick. I have already decided that the fairing, bags and probably every piece I can will go away. Should I use milk crates or cardboard for their final resting spot? Fo now I plan on riding it fucking silly, but this will be a cafe bike as soon as the chop gets rolling. So project number 2 is being planned before project number 1 is even finished.

For now though, I plan on doing the barnstorming get it running and ride the snot out of it bit. I am almost 100% sure that I will need the second set of wheels.

Yeah I am fucked in the head. But hey if we can’t have an obsession or three, then I wouldn’t be able to get any of the neat little happy pills.

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  1. boobookitty permalink

    And I thought *I* had problems… Me bags, you bikes! 😉

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