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Can I get a "Motherfuck!"?

July 27, 2007

It is true you can’t keep a good man down.

But what many people don’t know is that you can’t keep this fucker down either.

I gotta keep my priorities straight right now. The bike is totally backburnered. Gonna be for an indefinite run from the looks of it. I don’t have the extra outlay of green to put in it. Plus it looks like I am gonna need a change of venue.

Yep that’s right. Off to see where else I can lay my head down and call home. Gotta find something with an extra room and maybe a little bit of greenery for the shop mutt.

So here is the plan as best as I know it now.

1. Gonna need some new digs. And preferably one that let’s me keep animals. A 13 yr old animal, a 5 yr old animal, and a dog. You gotta wonder why people don’t ask for deposits on kids…

2. Drag all my shit over to said new digs. Right now I have no idea where the wind is gonna blow. I may stay wherever I go for a while, I may have to roll out in a month’s time. Shitty thing living in purgatory.

3. Save up some cash for the possibility that I will have to move again to another smaller place.

4. Pick up some kinda bike. I think I will see if I can find a shitty bike that is tagged and running. Hopefully road rashed and shot out. That way I can get it for dirt cheap. Slap on a coat of stickers and fill it up and run the wheels off. Anyone in So. Cal know where I can find one under a grand, better yet under 5 bills, let me know. I need a freeway bike though. If I worked closer to home I would get me a shitty little scooter, but 65 miles round trip on the freeway is a bit much to ask of one.

5. Then get back to the chop. I really do want it to live. But until I get life in overdrive figured out, I gotta put it on hold.

6. Try and get my nuts out of the vice grips they are clamped in and get back to living.

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