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Heat waves are fun.

July 8, 2007

It has been hot out here. I mean hot. Maybe not Arizona or Nevada hot, but definitely not exactly the sit in the sun and wrench kind of weather. It has been a consistent 105f+ around here for the last few days, 40c+ for anyone that uses that Metric system thing.

So most of the weekend has been just trying to stay out of direct sunlight and planning. I am currently trying to get my ducks in a row in regards to parts and such. Also the apartment has gotten a bit more crowded and I am not exactly as mobile as I was a couple of weeks ago. My boys and a little chew monster called Lucky have taken residence here. Nice to have the company, but not exactly as if I can just walk out and go do anything I feel like for as long as I wish.

Here is a shot of the new shop dog.

Cute little mutt of who knows what breed. Rarely barks. I heard him go off and bark at someone for the first time last night. A couple of kids were near the balcony last night while I was out back smoking. He watched and stared until they were about 5 feet away and of course 10 feet down from us and started to let them know just how displeased he was with their presence. It wouldn’t bother me, if it wasn’t for the fact that dogs are not supposed to be here. So I have to keep him quiet until we can move.

But now let’s move onto the stuff that matters. Parts!


Look at this thing. Blasted and clean. I mean I will cure that soon enough with a nice layer of grease, oils and road tar. But it makes me feel almost bad for putting such nice parts on this rattle trap. Somehow I’ll get over it.


And there are my “new” coils with 4 plug boots. Not sure if they will be better than the ones I currently have. But one thing for certain all the parts are there. So between this and the other set, I should be able to make at least one that will get me by for a while.

Last but definitely not least. My new-ish bars.


Doesn’t black make everything look better? Now all I need to do is ditch that ugly looking throttle assembly.


I put the stock control on and figured I would paint it for the time being. But no way. It is too big and bulky and just plain ass ugly . So it is going into the round file. No deposit, no return. I found a MX throttle assembly in black for $15 that I like. Made for a 7/8″ bar and with only a single cable. Hopefully it will work with what I have going on.

The next month or so I may be on the slow side with the updates. And probably not as much wrenching as I would like. At least not until I can get my living situation figured out and once settled in, I will hopefully get moving full speed again.

I have been thinking about the final colors on the bike. I had planned on doing the entire thing in black. Since it’s readily available and also just because I like black. But with the red and white seat added to the mix, I have thought about using silver for the frame to offset the rest. I have absolutely no idea how it will turn out. But if I don’t like it, I can always bomb it in another layer of black Krylon instead.

Another thing that has to wait. At least until I get the pipes cut for it and mounting tabs welded to the frame. Who knows what color will tickle my fancy by then.

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