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Damned long way to go.

June 3, 2007

I ran around last week and got a couple things done on the tank. But it is far from done.

Since I don’t have a reserve petcock on the bike, I decided to make one of the side gauges out of clear tubing. Plus I like the way they look.


There is my little helper. He had to be part of this photo set, so I put him to work.


I also picked up the copper 90s from an Ace hardware. Those places are great for just about anything if you have some imagination.

So the top fitting was made from a galvanized reducer fitting I found. I took it and chopped most of the bell off and then cleaned off the galv from the fitting itself. Drilled the tank and welded it to the top of the tank. Perhaps someone is asking why I used a reducer when they also make couplers that would require less clean up. Honest fact it was $1.50 difference in price between the reducer and the coupler.

I wonder why the hell it would cost more for a straight section that is threaded all the way through, rather than the cast and tapered part. But there must be a logic to it.

Next week I am gonna try and get the mount set up. I did weld and twist the flat stock up, but it came out like crap. I am not happy with it at all. Granted it is gonna be hidden. But lopsided is not the effect I was looking for. Plus with the way it is twisted I am certain that it will make this a royal pain to get mounted under the tank properly. So I need to run the entire frame out to where I have been welding and get the welds and the steel cleaned up. And mount it while I have the frame for reference.

Hopefully I will get onto that Monday or Tuesday night.

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