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A dud of a weekend.

April 16, 2007

My wallet thinned out on me this weekend. So my work was kinda limited. Grabbed the rear wheel and began to fit the fender and seat. And it is confirmed. The seat will not play nice with the sissy bar.


If you sight it, the mount for the sissy bar and the rear of the seat are off. No matter how I set the seat it will not line up right. The only way I can get the rear right is kick the seat and fender forward. And the lines would be screwed up. The seat is really designed for a bike with a longer rear section.

Oh and dammit, if the cush drive doesn’t hit the nut for the sissy bar…


Now I have to figure out what the hell I am going to do about that. I am going to try and spin the bolt around and use the hex side to the inside.It is a bit shallower than the nut. But that means I will have to clean up the outside. I bought hex heads to make it cleaner to look at, and now that one went to hell too.

Plus the fender is not quite as wide as the tire. I am going to need at least a 6″ wide fender to not have the tire sticking out the sides. I wonder if they make 6″ trailer fenders.

I did get the rear drum scrubbed out and cleaned out the cush drive. A lot of grit and grime back there. I also cleaned out the bearings of all the old caked in grease. Now all I got to do is repack the bearings and I will have the ass end unsituated.

I also need to get some extra washers for the rear axle. The P.O. had some screwball ideas on how to set up the rear. Now I have inherited their ideas, and those ideas have to go.

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