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I have been working on the bike, I promise.

March 4, 2007

Though it has been pretty dull stuff. Primering and sanding, getting it ready for paint. I am trying to get the worst of the high and low spots out and making it look at least presentable. It is a cheap build, but I am not in the mood to build something that is total shite. I am OK cutting a couple of corners, but not cheaping out on the whole thing.

Yesterday I went and tore down the last of the bike. Pulled the rear wheel chain, motor, etc. I have it now in (mostly) manageable chunks. I can see a few spots on the frame that I will need to address, but nothing that scares me. Things like an off center hole for the front tank mount. I would rather weld in a threaded bung than punch a hole in the backbone. And there are old weld from what I can only guess was the kickstand mount. Three of them in a triangle shape at the bottom of the frame. So that needs to get cleaned up and checked for cracks.

It looks like I will probably have to either cut down my rear fender or find another for the build. There is a lot of bad bondo work on that thing too. It looks like I can move the mount position and then cut the end off the fender, but I am not sure if that is going to be worth it. It may be more time and effort than good sense.

The earlier post on the machine work for the girder looks like it is gonna be a bust. My main boss has been in and out of the country for some major stuff that is happening in the company. So I doubt he is going to have the time to do the stuff that needs to be done. So I will have to find someone else that can do this for a reasonable price.


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